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About ofi's Spices platform

Spices is a vertically integrated global producer and supplier of spice ingredients. As a result of it’s long-standing relationships with farmers and strict food safety standards, it has become the largest dried garlic and onion supplier globally, as well as a global leader in chiles, pepper, tropical spices, purées and parsley.

With over 18 product lines, the organization grows its products in six countries, sources and operates in 11, manufactures in five and sells to more than 65 countries — supplying global, regional and small to medium sized businesses with natural ingredients for their food applications. Culinary experts at its Innovation and Quality Centre in Fresno, California work with customers to develop concepts, test ingredients and evaluate aroma, texture and colour to deliver flavour solutions.

The organization has committed long-term investments to ensure the sustainability of its global supply chain, as this approach underpins its continued ability to deliver a high degree of food safety, traceability, sustainability, product integrity and overall value to its customers. 


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